Tuesday, January 27, 2009


current mood: uber chill.
currently listening to: "teardrop" by massive attack. aka the House, M.D. theme.

soooooo... i really have nothing to post about, but it's 5:40, i can't sleep, and i haven't posted in... some time (idk how long).

my computer's doing this weird thing where it randomly picks letters to not interpret. like i know i'm hitting the keys, but the letters aren't showing up. whatever.

oh so Hugh Laurie won a SAG award last night. his second, i believe, but don't quote me on that. congrats, Mr. Laurie! the cast of House was nominated, but lost to some other cast which, i'm sure, could never compete. [my tv obsession's cast can beat up your tv obsession's cast! and out-look 'em to boot. i'm sure there has never been a tv cast so full of such stunningly beautiful people, and there probably won't ever be again.]

i have to pee.

OOH, that reminds me, last night's episode of House was really good. it was so involved, it definitely could have been two hours, if the writers had expanded on any of the story lines. i was very sad, though, that all the romantic spark between house and cuddy and house and cameron seemed to be missing. i mean, i know none of them have ever been a "thing", but there's always been something between those two pairs. there was sexual banter between house and cameron, and in the last scene, cameron all but confessed that she was still in love with house [come on, you know it's true], but when hugh and jen were on screen... something that used to be there wasn't. idk, maybe i'm imagining it. maybe i'm reading too much into it. maybe i'm not reading enough. idk. there were some sweet scenes between house and cuddy, though. if those two are gonna get together, i hope they do it already. there's gonna be a lot of seriously pissed off people [including me] if the writers pull a JAG and wait until the SERIES finale to get them together when they've so clearly felt something for each other and even talked about it. [i still don't buy that Mac admitted that she was in love with Harm in season six, and they didn't get together for another 4 years. i mean, come on.]

i'm hot. like temperature-wise. idk, though, i straightened my hair yesterday, and it's pretty darn cute. i even went out into public with no make-up on! that's like huge for me. but yeah, it's really that hot.

speaking of hot, it was hot out today!! i walked outstide to get something, expecting it to be cold like it has been for the past month, and i was like "guh-ross!!" it was like 80 degrees and muggy as all get out. then, of course, the low for this thursday is 29. yay, Texas.

sooooo... i think that's about all i have for now.

love & hugs,


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