Thursday, January 8, 2009


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so, every thing's bugging me right now. which is weird cause i'm not tired or, well, i guess i am a little hungry seeing as i haven't eaten in 14 hours. but i don't have any appetite. but that's beside the point. i'm like on this rampage to like fix everything that's wrong in the world. i was reading this blog i subscribe to and there were pictures of the cast of House at the people's choice awards and i totally just ripped into the girls of the show for letting themselves get to skinny and how they represent all the problems of Hollywood and all this terrible stuff. and that's so weird because i love the show and i absolutely adore those women! like practically to the point of idolization. [not really, but you get my point.] and then i was on facebook, and i was seeing some of the stupid things my friends were saying and seeing pictures of under age people drinking and i just had to get away from the site. i would have woken up tomorrow having no friends if i hadn't been able to hold my "tongue".

idk. it just... bah. i'm gonna go watch... something and hope i can get my mind to settle down.

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