Sunday, January 4, 2009

number one. love.

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sooooo, yay, blog one!

i've been meaning to create a blog since april. why i haven't done it until now, idk. why i am now, that i do know. but it's not really all that important to you.

i thought and thought and thought about creating my own blog. i considered making it topical, but 1) i'm not obsessed enough with any one thing to maintain a blog on it, and 2) i want a place where i can write freely. i'm probably the most random person you'll ever meet. i know every one says that, but for me it's true. i watched an episode of malcom in the middle a few years ago and malcom tried to describe what it was like in his head. he said something to the extent of, "do you ever feel like your brain is a bee hive, and all the bees buzzing around are your thoughts? well my brain is like a hundred of those, every moment of every day"*. well, malcom, i know the feeling.

so yes. this is why i have named my blog "right randomosity". it will always be random, but hopefully it will be right as well. take that to mean what you will.

as to the actual writing part: in personal writing, grammar is flexible. i still try to follow the rules, but i won't agonize over it. sorry. spelling: i'm not so goodly. yes, there is a spell-check button, but i'm so used to working without one that i will probably forget about it from time to time. once again, sorry. finally, as you've probably noticed, i don't use capitalization. well, that's a generalization. what i should say is i reserve the right to capitalize. haha. i use it mostly to emphasize things (e.g. my nieces and nephews are SO CUTE!!), and for important things like God and country. if any of these things bug you to distraction, sorry. i would suggest you not follow this blog for the sake of your sanity. (that's my nice way of saying, "it's not gonna change any time soon".)

so that's it for now. i will post again soon. probably later tonight if this writer's block doesn't subside.

love and hugs,

*please don't quote me on this, i'm working from a several-year-old memory.

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