Monday, January 12, 2009

for real this time.

current mood: practically asleep
currently watching: E!'s fashion police

the golden globes were AMAZING. they're always my favorite awards show. every one's so relaxed and chill. my current obsession, Olivia Wilde, was nominated by the fashion police for best dressed of the night [idk who won, i watched the first 20 minutes then came to bed b/c i was falling asleep], and she so totally deserved it. she looked beautiful. she absolutely took my breath away. see photos here and read my comment down below.

any way, more to come about the golden globes and fashion hits and misses tomorrow. like i said, i'm basically asleep right now.

oh, side note, i am now officially in love with Kate Winslet. again, more to come on that tomorrow.

love and hugs,

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