Thursday, January 21, 2010

cheers, Kennedy.

okay. a little backstory for those of you who have never been to my house before: to get to the shower [upstairs] i have to go through the spare room at the end of the hall. while this room has been many things over the years, it has turned mostly into a stuff room. it doubles, however, as Kennedy's (my 2-year-old niece's) room when she and her brother and sister sleep over.

so i'm walking to the shower holding a candle (long story) and for some reason look down into Kennedy's bed. i literally jumped when i saw a small, blonde child laying in the bed.

Kennedy has this doll. it has blonde hair and looks like, well, a baby doll. apparently, one of the things Kennedy likes to play with this doll is naptime.

moral of this story: freaky baby dolls are SO much scarier than clowns!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


i am determined that i will not live "under the circumstances" this year. i will not just "go with the flow" or say "it is what it is". i will make what i want of each hour, each day, and each month. i will determine my own successes and attitudes, and take responsibility for my failures and wrongdoings. i will not make excuses, nor will i shrug blame, but will instead own up to my errors. i will work each day to make the next day better, easier, and healthier. i will be conscious of my decisions and their effects. i will live my life according to the Word and His will, not by man's standards. i will work constantly towards His plan for me.
i will live for God and only God.

Friday, January 1, 2010

new years resolutions

ok, so i know it's cliche, and a few years ago i swore that i'd never make another NYR, but i'm doing it anyway.

  1. go to "big" church at least twice a month (even if it's not my own)
  2. tithe
  3. contribute to the 365 project regularly (once a week, starting the week i get back to Texas)
  4. lose at least 1.5 lbs/week until i'm down to my ideal weight (125 lbs) the healthy way.
  5. dress every day like the Sartorialist is following me
  6. make enough money to pay for my own rent (including down payment)
  7. complete a children's book and attempt to have it published
  8. put my music in front of ears that can make something of it
  9. blog at least once a week
  10. complain less and be more consciously aware of my blessings
  11. make life easier/better for some one else
  12. live without fear.