Saturday, February 14, 2009


currently reading: confessions of a shopaholic
current mood: astonished, and a little freaked out.

ok. go here and just look around for a minute.

are you freaking out? that totally freaked me out.

first off the prices. HOLY COW. of course, the thing i liked most was the black eyelet gown. seven THOUSAND, three hundred ninety five dollars. what the heck am i messing around with music for? i should be a designer!!

secondly, the models! they all look exactly the same! but look closely - they're not all one person!! there one brunette, and two or three different blondes. i honestly can't tell. they all look like wax, and they all look like corpses! i mean look at them: no emotion in the eye, no color in the cheek. it's freaky!!!

ok, sorry. end rant.

anyway, i've been meaning to update and several things have been floating around in my head today, but this was the first one that really seemed postworthy. or, rather, really seemed postworthy and i was around my computer while i remembered it. i've forgotten all my other topics. oh well. either they weren't that important in the first place or you'll hear about them later. either way, ttfn.

love and hugs,

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