Sunday, April 18, 2010

i wish

i wish i had the courage to say what i really feel/think/believe.
i wish i knew what courage is.
i wish my life were different.
i wish i could go back and do it all over.
i wish my grandfather weren't slowly dieing.
i wish i had some one to snuggle with at night.
i wish i could sing like kelly clarkson and christina aguilera's lovechild.
i wish i had the body of sarah jessica parker.
i wish i were shorter.
i wish i was living in LA right now.
i wish i had paris hilton's money so i could give it to some one who really needs it.
i wish my dad was happy.
i wish my depression didn't hurt my family.
i wish i liked going to church.
i wish i wasn't so shy.
i wish i wasn't so scared of everything.
i wish my body didn't hurt.
i wish i my heart didn't hurt.
i wish i could write as well as i think.
i wish i could play the piano.
i wish my hands could draw as clearly as my mind sees.
i wish i could speak eloquently instead of tripping over my words.
i wish my shyness didn't put people off.
i wish i could spell.
i wish i could do math.
i wish my sisters liked me as a person.
i wish.
i wish.
i wish.

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