Monday, April 5, 2010

bubble bath blog

i'm currently sitting in a bubble bath lit by candles listening to good music, texting my best friend, and blogging. *sigh* i love my life...

i went to see the last song with my best friend tonight. it was actually good. there were a couple scenes where the acting could've used work (miley was surprisingly decent, but her co-star, liam hemsworth, came off as a little green), and i called literally every scene, but it was a good, mellow crying movie and i liked it a lot.

then brit and i went to spoons. bad choice letting me know where THAT place is. the yogurt was low-fat, but i'm pretty sure the cookie dough, brownie bits, heath bits, chocolate sauce, and caramel on top of it were not... (i call it 'death by deliciousness'.)

then we went to chick-fil-a because i decided i wanted french fries after my yogert. i ended up getting a kid's meal. fact: bendy straws are SO MUCH KOOLER than regular straws!! oh, and then brit spilled her DP all over my leg. that was cool. only except really. i'm pretty sure i still have like frost bite on my thigh.

then we went to wal-mart in college station, then started driving home. a few random turns later we both looked up and went, "wait, do YOU know where we are?" so we started heading towards some lights and a few seconds later realized it was Kyle Field. yay.

so then i came home and started watching Christian Siriano: having a moment before spilling ice water ALL over me. like seriously, i understand how i got ice in my bra, but i'm still wondering how i got ice down my jeans. oh, and the chair i was sitting on? fully dry.

so that's how i ended up in this lovely, warm bubble bath. i love my life. :D

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    that cracked me up, AND now we can go get Spoons together!!! :D