Saturday, April 25, 2009

we'll call this a "blogette".

currently listening to: "Finally" by Fergie
current mood: asleep

i'll make this short 'cause i'm falling asleep on my keyboard and i gotta get to napping if i'm gonna do it. i just wanted to jot down a couple things to blog about later.

1. the west wing - my new favorite obsession. holyfreakingcow it's amazing.
2. puppies - i had a dream last night that i got a dalmation puppy and now i have this insatiable urge to cuddle with something small and furry.
3. 17 again - holyfriggenSQUEE. more on that later.
4. niece and nephew's bd party - i.e., the reason i'm not fully blogging right now.
5. house - need i say more?
6. JAG - "white uniform and gold wings" HECK. YES.
7. "doubt" - oooooh, good movie...
8. the impact House, JAG, and The West Wing have had on my iTunes account - yay youtube & fanfiction.
9. twitter - yay
10. facebook - boo.

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