Thursday, May 14, 2009

DVR Psalms

TV. the dirtiest of addictive drugs.
In Plain Sight
House, M.D.
The West Wing
and now...
Lie to Me
my shows. my drug. my addiction.
the drama! the action!
the unimaginably gorgeous actors, and the characters that make them attractive!
AH! i love it.

it is now 5:34 in the morning, and i have been trying to clear out my DVR since 9. the only problem is, i haven't been able to delete like anything i've watched! it's all been too good!! just when you think the two characters (who clearly should have been attached at the hip from the moment they met) are going to be together... one of them gets kidnapped, or remembers that they serve in the same chain of command, or that one of them calls the other "boss". UGH!! it's so indescribably frusterating yet somehow exhilerating!! i can't put into words what it's like as your whole body tenses, breath held, waiting for their lips to meet... and then *GASP* some one pulls away or screams in terror or... whatever! your body and mind release, yet you grasp for an explanation. your eyes, ears, and heart all search frantically for answers... what's wrong? how can it be fixed?? it... AHH!!! i can't... even... form sentences!!


i don't know. i think i need an intervention. but i'm not ready to change yet so it wouldn't work anyway (thank you, A&E). i just... GAH! i need another high! but i'm all out!! i've seen everything dramatic in my DVR at least once. ahh! i'm like freakin out, here!!

whooooo. ok, breathe..... i am OKAY. at least i will be.

blahhhhh i have this meeting in the morning. and i can't just not go, cause i'm representing some one else. blahhhh. whatev. OK so i'm going to go take a shower (now that it's 5:45) and think about the mind-blowing awesomeness that makes up my DVR list.

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