Monday, April 13, 2009

random rant

current mood: insomniac-ish
currently watching: SouthLAnd

ok. WHY are all the cute actors like way older than me?? i looked up this guy, Benjamin McKenzie, expecting for him to be like 25 or something. he's THIRTY-ONE!! SO not fair!! ok, so me being 19, even if he was like 25 that'd still be a stretch [oh yeah, not to mention he's an actor], but 31?!? once again, SO. NOT. FAIR. geez. my sister talks about how much it sucks to get old [at all of 26 years of age, might i add], but if there's any upside to getting "older", it's that the guys get cuter. i'm sorry, but most teenage guys just aren't that cute. and the ones who are are either stupid/immature, into drugs, or gay. SO not joking. ugh. do they get cuter as they get older or did cuteness just skip my generation???

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