Tuesday, March 31, 2009

hardcore House fans STAY AWAY!! spoilers (for Simple Explanation) that will ruin your LIFE.

warning: if you are a fan of House, DO NOT read this!!!

i'm serious.

the whole thing is one big spoiler.

and i mean big.

like knowing the end of season 4 times like 20.

if you don't know the end of season 4, then you're not a hardcore fan, so you can read this.

if you're a grief counselor, i'm probably gonna need you about this time next week.

I DON'T WANT CAMERON TO DIE!!!!!!! and i can list about a dozen reasons why i'm sure it's going to be her. and the episode where "some one" is going to die is next week. NEXT WEEK! only about 160 hours from now! (and, no joke, if that episode for some reason doesn't record, i'm seriously going to go postal on direcTV's collective ass!!) i'm so... i'm not ready to handle this. i seriously feel like i'm losing a personal friend. i may have to go back to my therapist in order to get over this. only i'm not joking or being over-dramatic. i've literally been through 4 of the 5 stages of grief. the only one i haven't gotten to yet is acceptance. i'm currently wobbling between denial: "no. it was leaked incorrectly and it's not really gonna happen. none of the main characters are going to die!!!", and bargaining: "please, PLEASE, let it be ANY ONE besides Cameron!! i could almost take even Cuddy or 13, almost. just please, NOT CAMERON!!"
i had almost gotten over it and was simply excited about having a new episode for the first time in 2 weeks, but then the preview came on for next week's episode. i started sobbing. "no. no! please, NO!!" my chest was heaving and tears stung my eyes. i think i'm still in denial enough that i didn't completely fall apart, but i feel absolutely sick to my stomach. and that happens every time i think about Cameron dieing.

ok. reasons i think it's Cameron:
1. she's like never on the show anyway, so it would make sense, out of all the actors, that Jennifer would be the one to leave
2. katie jacobson [writer/creator] said the cast would look "pretty much the same next season" and, as i said before, Cameron is never there.
3. they've already said that chase [jesse spencer] would be on practically every episode next season. dealing with losing his girlfriend by hanging around House & his team too much, maybe?
4. Jennifer and Jesse were engaged, but called off the wedding a couple years ago. they constantly told the press they were fine with still working with each other, but maybe that was just a cover up...?
5. Cameron has basically run her course in terms of the show. she's not progressing anything any more. from a writing standpoint, it's basically time for her to leave. (why couldn't she just frikken CHANGE HOSPITALS?!?)
6. it doesn't make sense that any of the other characters leave - they're all still buried in plot lines (except for Chase, which, if his girlfriend dies - dut duh duh DAH - new storyline).
7. it doesn't make sense that any of the other actors leave. [see 1, 5, & 6]
8. on the teaser for next week, they showed foreman and 13 holding hands (standing up) so it's not either of them.
9. they showed house, wilson, cuddy, and Cameron individually gasping in surprise. it's a definite probability that they would show whoever dies alive in order to throw off the audience. and considering that none of the other three could POSSIBLY leave without the show basically ending... well... you get the picture.
10. they DIDN'T show chase. possibly because he'll spend next episode crying the whole time? that would give it away.
11. they also didn't show kutner or taub. those are the two people who have the least connection with Cameron, and would therefore have the mildest reactions.

reasons it's no one else:
1. it can't be taub - the writers have worked too hard backing him into corners that would force him off the show to actually kick him off. (or at least to kill him off. that would be too easy.)
2. katy jacobs said it wasn't any one obvious, so it can't be House or 13, the two characters who have the most to die for.
3. it can't be cuddy - they've built up this relationship between her and house for about 2 years now. besides, she's too integral to the show. i mean if there's a new dean of medicine, House is gone.
4. it can't be wilson - Hugh once said that the story is basically able to be told because of Wilson. and he's right. but that's another unimaginably long post.
5. it can't be kutner - he always comes up with the things House doesn't.
6. it can't be foreman - a) the writers worked too hard to keep him in the fellowship to kick him off the show. b) 13's story is tragic enough, there's no way she would also lose the man who's in love with her.
7. it can't be chase - they already said Jesse would be back every episode next season.
8. it can't be house - well DUH.

so yeah. if not Cameron, then who?
holy crap i'm depressed now.
oh, and please don't tell me to "relax, it's only a TV show". i know that. and i don't care.

thank you and sleep well. God knows i won't.

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  1. If the death really happens in the next episode (episode 20), then it can't be Cameron because she has a big episode coming up after that (episode 21). She is in all the promos for that one. But maybe the death happens later? And the trailer was just a big spoiler for seasons end.