Saturday, December 5, 2009

girl language

it occurs to me that guys think girls are complicated. usually, we're telling you exactly what we want, you just don't always understand it. so here's a little guide to what we say or do, and what that means.

when i walk away, i want you to follow me.
when i shut you out, i want you to fight for me.
when you know something's wrong, but i say it's "fine", i want you to ask me again.
when i'm upset and i cross my arms, i want you to hug me.
when i'm angry and i cross my arms, fix whatever you did wrong real quick.
when i cry, i want you to hug me. you don't have to say anything, just hug me.
when i say my neck hurts, i want you to rub it.
when i say i'm cold, i want you to give me your jacket or put your arm around me.
when i say i don't want to talk about it, i don't want to talk about it (but ask me again anyway, just to be sure).
when i make an effort (and ESPECIALLY if i ask you about it), i want you to say something, and be enthusiastic about it.
when you think something good about me, say it.
when i hang out with you and your friends and they start razzing on me, i want you to stand up for me.
when i swoon over that celebrity, don't take it personally, he'll never be as handsome as you, i promise.
when i go on about how beautiful that actress is, it's not always because i'm after a compliment (but it's still nice to hear).
when i self-depricate, the best thing to do is make a joke about it.
when i say i need chocolate, it's as real a need as water. give me chocolate.
when i say something's gross (like your farts), it's gross. and no, i'm not going to learn to love it.
when i cry at a sad/happy/romantic/completelyrandom movie, it's because i need to cry. no, i'm not weird.
when i obsess over things, it'll pass eventually. please be patient, and DON'T tell me to calm down or get over it. (you will be slapped.)
when i explain the drama i'm going through with my friends, i want you to be on my side. period.
and when i tell you i love you, i mean it.

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