Sunday, August 1, 2010


one of the worst parts of insomnia has to be the boredom (which really only adds insult to injury).
like, i don't want to do anything that will get me ramped up physically (like clean) just in case i start getting sleepy. i can't do anything loud 'cause there are sleeping people all over my house. being almost 5am, not many of my friends are online (and the people who don't understand berate me any time i do anything this late anyway). i've watched everything on my dvr, i've watched all the movies in my cabinet, i've memorized all the info-mercials, and there's only so much fanfiction you can read before it starts getting mind-numbing. playing solitaire and bejeweled and anything else you name gets real old real quick. even music, at this point, seems tired, and singing is not advised (again, sleeping people and physical ramp-up).
so occasionally i take to writing. which seems futile and sometimes frustrating.
i "day"dream about things i wish and hope might one day happen, but that just frustrates me further.
i read my Bible and books, but i'm still stuck in bed, so that quickly grows tiresome.
and all the while i can't help but think about this afternoon when it was all i could do to keep my eyes open.
like, seriously??
insomnia needs to die.

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