Thursday, September 24, 2009


i'm just a different kind of person. i'm not made like every one else.
i'll tell you i'm a city chick, but there's nothing i love more than sitting in a forest, listening to a waterfall.
i'd rather lay around my house in my best dress and go out in public in my most comfortable sweat pants.
i love shoes, but i hate wearing them.
i love the night because of its darkness, but i never sleep well at night.
i'll take candles and sunlight over electric lights any day, and a candle's not a candle without fire.
i'm all for eating healthfully and organically, as long as i can still have french fries & ketchup now and then.
i have a thing for coffee drinks, but i hate coffee, and i always prefer green tea.
i always feel fat while i'm working out, and skinny after i take a shower after working out.
home cooking is the best... except when it's not.
i enjoy music of ALL kinds... except for the music i don't enjoy.
i identify with modern, but love the classics too (in regards to everything).
i don't want a husband and i don't want kids, but i want to be married and have a family.
i hate being single, but i also hate commitment.
i want to get as far away as fast as possible, but i never, ever want to leave my family.
i hate it where i live, but i really can't imagine calling any other place home.
i sleep best during the day and do my deepest thinking when i'm tired.
i write songs, poems, and stories, and while i want to share them all with every one, i also know that by literary standards, they all suck.
i call myself an artist, but there's a lot of art that i either don't get, or just don't like or care about.
i have discovered that every place has good and bad things about it, now i'm just looking for the place whose good draws me in and whose bad i can ignore.
i don't want to go to college, but i refuse to let myself be uneducated.
there's nothing better than milk chocolate... unless you add caramel.
i am a true southern girl... who was made to live in the north.
i love exercising, but i hate working out.
i want to love and be loved, but i don't want to hurt or be hurt.
i'd rather stay up all night by myself than stay up all day with other people, but i miss my family when i do.

i'm just different from the world around me and the people i know. i'm not a conformist. some people say that's bad. i say that's just the way i was made, and i have no desire to change that.

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